Jenna Bryant
Infant Sleep Consultant.
Located on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Welcome to Baby Sleep Secrets. I hope my page can offer you some reassurance that sleep problems in babies are very common and can usually be improved in a matter of days; sometimes it can be the smallest thing that is hindering your child’s sleep. As a baby sleep consultant, I don't believe in forcing your child to sleep throughout the night, I can provide support that will only encourage healthy sleeping patterns when your baby is emotionally and biologically ready.


They say it takes a village to raise a child, and in many ways that’s true. We as parents need so much more support than what is generally on offer. Grandparents no longer live next door and our partner's long working hours can often leave us feeling alone and helpless (believe me, I've been there!). Couple that with the pressures placed on parents today from society and it can be extremely difficult to put your hand up for some gentle, judgement-free guidance. We also have access to a plethora of information which means we can easily become confused and feel bombarded with what we should and shouldn’t be doing. If things are going well, I believe you should be doing what feels right for you; however, if you have come to a point where you feel that what you're doing isn’t working, then this is where I, as a qualified baby sleep consultant can assist you by making some key adjustments that remain consistent with your child’s personality and your parenting style.

Infant and child sleep problems are rarely a result of poor parenting, nor are they part of a 'normal phase' that a child will grow out of. In fact, they can continue for years and even into adulthood if not addressed early on. Sleep deprivation can be detrimental to your day-to-day decision making as well as affect your immune system and physical and emotional wellbeing — all factors that we as parents depend on during our daily lives. Similarly, babies too require restorative sleep in order to function and thrive developmentally and emotionally.

You do not have to dismiss your parenting beliefs in order to get a good night's rest — there are other options rather than 'cry it out'. The early years of your baby's life are so precious, so why just 'get through it' when you can relish these moments and wake up to a happy baby with big gummy smiles every single day?

If you are facing sleep issues with your child, it may be time to take the next step and get professional, personalised assistance from a qualified baby sleep consultant. As a mum of two beautiful toddlers, I can relate to the joys and frustrations of motherhood, and I encourage parents to combine the valuable knowledge learned from me, with your own parental intuition, to develop sleep enhancing solutions for your child. Connect with me today and take the first step towards getting a personalised sleep plan and some well-deserved rest.

Find the right path to successful sleep for you and your family here.



Inspire Sleep...

An in-home consultation will give you the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like and we can explore possible factors that could be contributing to sleep disturb...
In-Home Support
1 hr
This package is a great start to establishing healthy sleep patterns and identifying major issues that could be contributing to sleep disruption. This consult includes yo...
Video Call Support
1 hr

Nurture Connection...

Four week program combining massage and sleep inducing techniques to support bonding and secure attachment. Learn to communicate with your baby through cue-based massage...
Infant Massage and Sleep Education
Started Jul 23

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Kelly Lewis & Macy - 16 months

Jenna from Baby Sleep Secrets is an absolute angel! As a new mum, I’ve read all the books (including reading Save Our Sleep twice!) and tried everything to get my daughter to sleep through the entire night. I was back to work full time, self-employed and really struggling with my lack of sleep and productivity. Jenna was completely supportive and understood the daily challenges trying to manage both business and baby — she created a customised sleep plan which was easy to follow with endless tips and tricks to work with with along the way. I felt completely comfortable from the moment we met, there was no judgement, even when I told her some of my weird techniques to try and get my daughter to sleep. After 10 days, I have a baby who sleeps the entire night and all of our lives have changed for the better. Plus, I'm much more switched on at work. Thank you Jenna, you really do have all the baby sleep secrets – I only wish I had called you earlier!

Vanja Wilson & Mila - 3 months

As a new mum, there is so much information out there and I wasn't sure how to find the best sleep solutions for my baby girl, but Jenna helped us by providing a personalised and structured approach, free of judgement and full of support and understanding. Her tips, schedules, and insights helped us reach our goals and my baby is now sleeping through the night and is self-settling perfectly.

Ellen Sim & Bodhi - 5 months

Jenna has helped regain my confidence in doing what's best for my baby and for myself by using her encouragement and methods to help settle my baby into a decent night's sleep. Jenna was very understanding, supportive, and committed to helping me with all aspects of the difficulties I was facing, including breastfeeding and the transition into solids. The change in my baby, and myself, with our new routine is amazing. Jenna, your help and guidance was fantastic! Thank you. 

Izabella Karam & Liam - 18 months

I have a 1.5-year-old daughter and we live in Norway. With Jenna's help my daughter has a daily routine that she is happy with. She sleeps through the night and goes to bed without any anxiety. I was very concerned that my baby would get psychological problems if I put her to bed when she was protesting. But after only 2-3 days she learned her new routine and is now much happier and also more alert during the day. My husband and I also have time for ourselves and our marriage now as she goes to bed at 7pm every evening. My daughter will become a big sister in a month and we are not stressed about the new arrival as we are going to follow Jenna's approach from the start. I honestly recommend Jenna to any other parents who are finding it difficult to get their little ones to sleep, as getting the necessary rest is not only important for their health and wellbeing, but yours as well.

Bree Allen & Elliot - 6 months

Jenna was a saviour for our family with helping our 6 month old sleep and settle more easily. When you're a second-time mum you feel that you know everything that your baby will throw at you ... but this couldn't have been further from the truth when Elliot came along. Jenna was able to shed light on Elliot's sleep/settling problems and she suggested routines that fit into our daily routines and commitments with a 3.5 year old. After some expected adjustment time, I'm thrilled to say that Elliot is well and truly sleeping like a baby and is a pro at settling herself. I've definitely noticed Elliot is a lot happier too when she's had a good night's sleep. Thanks so much Jenna!

Sara Ebadi & Niko - 6 months

Jenna was very helpful in assisting us to wean off the dummy for my 6-month-old son — which worked perfectly and reduced the midnight wake ups after just 24 hours. We learned a lot about sleep patterns and nap cycles which helped our bub to not get as overtired in the afternoons. Jenna also provided recommended routines up to 18 months of age, which gave me the confidence to know what to do for the next year to come. Thanks again Jenna!



When can my baby sleep through the night?

This is a really difficult question to answer because it is different for every baby. As a certified baby sleep consultant, I feel like this is not the most important question here, rather it should be: When can I start to encourage my baby to sleep as long as they can? From 16 weeks we can start to gently guide your baby into healthy sleep patterns in order to improve sleep disruptions as much as the baby is able to emotionally and developmentally.

What sleep training methods do you use?

The methods I encourage are decided on a case-by-case basis with the family’s input.  Although I advocate gentle solutions, there are many different options available, and usually find that parents are much more likely to be successful with sleep training if the  techniques that we are using are in line with their parenting philosophies. You do not have to compromise your parenting style to teach your baby to sleep well. Sleep training should ultimately be about communicating effectively with your child, which will strengthen your bond, not strain it.

What age do you work with?

I am a certified infant and child sleep consultant and I work with babies of 3 weeks up to 2.5 years old.


How does a baby sleep consultant work and what is the process?

Once you have made contact with me and we have organised a date for our consult I will send you an invoice for the consultation and then send you a few questions to complete in order for me to get some background information and summary of issues you are facing. We will then carry out the consultation. After discussing the recommendations, I will issue you with your tailored sleep plan so you can get started straight away.

Depending on the package, I will then be available via phone or email for further support and questions.

What areas do you cover?

In person, anywhere on the Northern Beaches of Sydney but will happily visit other areas for a small travel fee.

I have also successfully worked with parents in other regions of the world via video consultations.



Contact me on the below details or please fill in the form and I will get back to you.



Infant sleep consultant

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Contact me now to get things started — you and your baby deserve it!

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